Being Right in the Digital Age

The Digital Age is the current period of human history in which we’ve moved from the industry-based society of the Industrial Revolution to a focus on computerizing information and creating a more knowledge-based society. Also known as the Age of Information, the Digital Age’s greatest achievement is the internet. With the internet (connecting computers through aContinue reading “Being Right in the Digital Age”

Clearly, this isn’t journalism.

This first example of journalism perverted (personal, unfounded opinions tucked away under the guise of news) comes from’s Total Irrelevance: Trump-Hating Emmys Hit All-Time Ratings Low written by John Nolte and published on 9/18/17. Highlighted in red are the sections most offensive to the tenements of honest journalism. Are readers curious which states he is referringContinue reading “Clearly, this isn’t journalism.”


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